my life and this blog

Here’s the thing – I started this blog as a bit of a laugh, and now look at me. Dedicated to this thing full time. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s me – Lynne Freeman! Welcome to my quirky corner of the internet. Hope you’re having a grand old time and continue to do so every time you come back. You are coming back, right? Course you are.

Let's go back to the beginning...

Wasn’t that long ago that I was a shy loner sitting in my room surfing the internet, looking at all the random cool stuff I could find. It was like the biggest encyclopedia one could have. It made my world bigger and inspired me to create and post my own humble creations. So I loitered on the forums posting my little projects, getting validation from strangers, and it actually helped me become more confident and expressive in my work.

Cut to adulthood, I’m now a fairly successful creative working freelance (no, that doesn’t mean I’m unemployed) but I still find to work on my arts and crafts, surf the web for new ideas, and of course, build my faithful creative community here. Now, are you coming along or not?

If you're coming along, start here

Listen, I’m trying my best to not be disorganised about this blog, so I take time to carefully put together my posts and post them in the right categories and give them good titles. That should make it easy for you to find something you like. So, well, have fun reading!